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    Sound - stable, reliable, secure /// vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach the ear

    Connection - the state of being connected, a relation of personal intimacy

  • Welcome

    You may be feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, and confused. Therapy can help. I believe you have the capacity to process challenging aspects of your life to become more grounded, content and fulfilled. You need a safe space to unpack and process at a pace that feels right for you and this is what I strive to provide. You will be listened to, heard, and supported as we work together to achieve your goals for wellbeing and positive connections with others in your life. We can spend our session talking, drawing, journaling, creating, music-ing, using ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) techniques, and however we find best to address the goals you want to accomplish. In my therapy practice and in my personal life I am committed to being culturally humble, anti-racist, anti-abelist, all-body positive, and an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

    Connect with me at sarahdonovancounseling@gmail.com.

  • I am currently accepting new clients for recurring psychotherapy. I am also able to offer a shorter series of 1-5 sessions for Accelerated Resolution Therapy. You may reach out to me by email with questions or to book your first session. sarahdonovancounseling@gmail.com


  • Specialties

    I see clients age 16-108, as individuals or families. My areas of interest and expertise are:

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    Consultation for therapists on body liberation

    Join me for an initial 3 session series of consultations for $390 with additional follow up add on consultations.

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    Pregnancy & Parenting

    Fertility, pregnancy difficulties, post-partum depression and anxiety, parenting stress and challenges

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    Trauma: ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy

    This eye movement supported therapy is proven to provide relief to trauma and other symptoms in a short time frame.

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    Relationships & Codependence

    Individual work to improve relational skills and understanding patterns, I do not see couples at this time.

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    Supporting creatives

    artists, musicians, writers, etc.

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    Emerging Adulthood-

    16-25 years old

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    Caregiver Stress & Trauma

    health care workers, caring for ill family or friends, caring for high needs children

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    Grief & Loss

    death, divorce, major life change, job loss, loss of health or wellbeing, and more

  • About Sarah & Sound Connections

    My name is Sarah (she/her/hers) and I am a licensed mental health counselor and board certified music therapist in Minneapolis. I offer counseling, mental health therapy, music therapy or a blend of these options for individuals and families. I also offer consultation for therapists on body liberation.


    All people are welcome in my practice and am committed to constant learning and dismantling of my own privilege and biases while actively engaging in anti-racist, anti-bigotry, and anti-ableist actions and conversations. I work from a HAES and body acceptance/liberation perspective, working to eliminate the negative impact of white supremacy and the patriarchy on our self image and self worth.


    My office is on the second floor of a large building, walking for about 300 ft required to reach the office. There is an elevator, gender neutral bathroom, and furniture safe and comfortable for larger bodies.

    ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy

    I am a trained ART provider. This eye movement supported therapy is proven to provide fast relief for symptoms of trauma and many other mental health concerns. Find a good description HERE.

    Music therapy

    You may wish you incorporate music therapy in your sessions, and it is always your choice. In it's simplest form music therapy is finding ways to use music (listening, playing, writing, discussing) to achieve therapy goals. No music playing or performing experience is necessary.

    Licenses and Certifications

    LPCC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    MT-BC, Music Therapist Board Certified

    Postpartum Support International Certificate in Perinatal Mental Health

    ART trained provider - Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • Rates & Insurance

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    Free Consult

    I offer a free 20 minute phone or video chat consult for you to determine if you think I will be a good fit for your counseling or therapy needs.

    Please email to check on future availability.

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    In network provider BCBS of MN, Anthem, UCare, PreferredOne, and MA

    If you have a health insurance plan other than those listed, you may be able to get reimbursed for a portion of your out of pocket fee through 'out of network benefits'. I will gladly provide you with a 'superbill'.

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    Session Costs

    $150 for 45-50 min individual session

    $185 for 45-50 min diagnostic assessment

    $200 for 45-50 min family session

    $240 for 75-80 min family session

    I accept payment at the end of each session. You may pay with credit card, FSA, HSA, Venmo, cash, or check.

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    Sliding Scale/Reduced Fee

    I reserve a select number of spots for clients who can only access therapy with a reduced fee. There are two options for accessing sliding scale rates, visit these links or contact me for more information.

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    LPC/LPCC and MT-BC Supervision

    In person and/or video chat, creative arts focus

    $70 for individual per one hour

    $30 for group per one hour

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    Consultation for therapists on body liberation.

    Come work with me to learn more about how our own body ideas and values impacts our work with clients. Learn more here.

    Initial series of 3 sessions for $390. Add on sessions available.

  • Body Liberation Consultation for Therapists

    Unpack your own ideas about body, weight and health to better support clients in finding peace in their bodies.

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    What is this consultation service all about?

    • Do you wonder if discomfort or your focus on your own body impacts your ability to support your clients in finding peace in theirs?
    • Are you curious if your practice feels safe, emotionally and physically, for those in larger bodies?
    • Is it possible you may unknowingly contribute to anti-fat bias in your life and work?
    • Are you sometimes unsure how to respond to a client's comments or concerns about their weight or body?

    Come work with me in consultation for body liberation! We will discuss your own relationship with food and your body, where your ideas and beliefs came from, concepts of diet culture and anti-fat bias, historical roots to the current thin ideal, what “healthy” really means, the intersection of marginalization of people in larger bodies with other marginalized identities, and how all of this impacts our work as therapists with our clients also living in this f*ed up system of patriarchy and oppression. I will provide a safe space for you to process your own beliefs and areas for learning and how that relates to your work with clients.


    As we are all at different points in learning and growth, this consultation service will be personalized to where you are at in your own process with the goal of challenging any possible harmful ideas and beliefs while remaining a safe and positive space to be you and be where you are at in your journey.


    Please note:

    This is not treatment for disordered eating and if concerns arise during consultation we will discuss the best way for you to get support to move forward and heal. Also, this consultation will not be geared toward learning interventions to help clients with disordered eating, though you will likely find tools to support those clients in the work that we do.

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    Offerings and options:

    Initial series of 3 virtual or in person consultation sessions for $390 including personalized resources for further self study.

    Add on sessions (must first do initial 3 session series) @ $150 each:

    -Consult on specific clients or clinical issues that come up related to bodies, diet culture, and food beliefs

    -Website, materials, and social media assessment for triggering or harmful content

    -Office assessment for emotional and physical safety for all bodies (virtual tour, or $200 for in person assessment in Twin Cities)

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    About Sarah

    My name is Sarah and I have been doing the work of body liberation for myself for a number of years and want to share the goodness and healing it can bring for therapists which will inevitably ripple out to your clients through your embodied work. I have myself worked with a holistic health coach on these topics, explored these concepts in my own therapy, have read sooooo many books and listened to sooooo many podcasts and am currently enrolled in the course to become a Certified Body Trust provider.

    I enter this work humbly and ready to continue learning, acknowledging my many priveledges I walk with along side my experiences of hardship.

    Join me in this liberating work.

    “When we liberate ourselves from the expectation that we must have all things figured out, we enter a sanctuary of empathy.”
    ― Sonya Renee Taylor, The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love

  • Connect with me

    I office in the amazing Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis and offer online therapy options as well.

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    twitter: @sndconnections

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    Ivy Arts Building

    2637 27th Ave S. Suite 240

    Minneapolis, MN 55406

  • The Blog

    Thoughts & musings about mental health and music

    Happy holidays! Tis the season of rampant diet culture and anti-fat bias! The 72+ billion dollar industry profiting off you feeling bad about your body and misinformation about body size and health is gearing up for prime season! I have recently dedicated myself to learning more about living in a...
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    Covid Emergency Resources for musicians & artists

    American Music Therapy Association

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    National Alliance Mental Illness - MN

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